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Training is something that HTL take seriously.

Internally, training is taking place on a regular basis and CPD (continuing professional development) is expected and encouraged. Past experience has demonstrated again and again that using glass as a material in any context without knowledge of the basic principles relating to its properties and manufacture leads to errors, delays and in some cases failure.

Equally senior managers who have decision-making roles also benefit from a knowledge of the material and how their decisions both managerial and financial influence perceptions in the wider business world.

HTL can offer a wide range of standard and tailored training courses to suit customer needs.

Typical of the courses offered are:-

  • Glass Appreciation
  • Glass as a Packaging Material
  • Glassware Assessment - Fitness for Purpose
  • Failure Analysis
  • Time Management
  • Communications
  • Laboratory Method Development (XRF)

However, if you require a course tailored for your particular circumstances or mix of staff then HTL can provide a customised package.

Please contact info@hendersontechnology.com for further information or with your particular requirements.

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