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Henderson Technology provides technical and production solutions, backup and project management for an extensive range of clients from makers of glass through to those who use glass as OEM. They have done this for over 10 years and continue to attract clients with their independence, technical knowledge, industrial experience and no nonsense approach.

The diversity of HTL’s portfolio is summarised in the Experience section but could not be better illustrated than by the following examples :

If you were a prominent Swiss businessman and art collector who was suspicious about some items of glass in your collection who would you turn to? Initially your art advisor and solicitor, of course, but then perhaps to a technical expert in glass. This is just what happened when HTL were called in to provide technical and expert witness services for the plaintiff in a High Court case relating to a series of Lalique car mascots that were sold to the plaintiff as uniquely and originally purple in colour.

Through its work on researching Lalique’s methods, the historical context of the disputed items, the effects of radiation on glass and producing experimental data on the irradiation effects on substitute glasses, HTL was able to play a significant part in convincing the court that the articles in question had originally been clear and that they had been irradiated to turn them purple sometime after the original manufacture.

The High Court found for the plaintiff, declaring that the purple Lalique car mascots although original had been irradiated to change their colour.

Additionally, HTL was able to restore the car mascots to their original state. The two photographs show the before and after.

You are W S Atkins one of the most respected consulting organisations in the world. Your client (an Italian bank) wants you to appraise and comment on the viability of a glass container plant proposal for China. You do not have the required technical skills in house, who do you call? In this instance HTL who provided vital technical support to the financial specialist leading the team, including briefing sessions in Rome and on site visits and meetings in Dongshang, China.

Imagine you are a manufacturer who wants to reformulate your glass to improve its performance through your process. Who do you speak to first? Your raw material supplier may be able to help but most likely they do not have the expertise. Your Trade Association almost certainly has the expertise but they also have your competitors as members, can you be sure the are absolutely independent? HTL were called in by a manufacturer of tubing to provide independent unbiased advice, glass reformulation and project management services. Initial studies and onsite trials have proved proof of concept. Production trials have proved repeatability and consistency. Full production will commence on customer acceptance.


Henderson Technology have experience with many types of glass including soda-lime, borosilicate, lead crystal, aluminosilicate, phosphate, borate and some too exotic to have a name. They are highly regarded as colour technicians and developers both technically and cosmetically. they have experience with glass and other materials and how they interact with each other.

Using HTL as technical advisors or problem solvers has brought tangible benefits to many of our clients. Perhaps it is worth looking at the benefits we can bring to your company.


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