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Management consultancy can be a minefield. Have you been involved with a consultancy where the report was shelved or you felt it did not address the real question? Have you met consultants that assumed an air of superiority and failed to ask the right questions? Have you received a consultancy report feeling you had no input to it and cannot figure out the logic behind the conclusions?

The number of businesses who can say yes to these statements is surprisingly large. The original reason for employing a consultant may have been perfectly valid but the client / consultant relationship was allowed to slide into organisational games.

It is surprising how common these games are. There are many variations of the games from ‘give the client what he / she wants’ to ‘it’s not my fault if the client doesn’t understand what they really want’, and several sub divisions all of which can range from the starkly obvious to the subtly devious.

Henderson Technology do not play games and neither do their consultants. With a reputation forged at the sharp end (sometimes very sharp) of business we cannot afford not to deliver to our clients. Our individual and corporate philosophy is to provide truly independent and unbiased advice come what may. This may have lost us work from those senior executives who just want a consultant to validate (rubber stamp) a preconceived business case but we can live with that. Our reputation means more to us than just doing the job and taking the money.

What can HTL offer me? is a question we are often asked. Our answer is usually integrity, independence, involvement and illumination. Occasionally we say sagacity, science, strategy and solutions but if it goes further than that we in danger of taking ourselves too seriously and have to remember that it is the client and their project that is important.

If you want to stop playing games then why not give us a call and see what benefits working with HTL can bring to your organisation


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