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Glass Sales

Specialist Glass Sales

Specialist glass manufacturing capability in the UK has sadly declined over the last 10 years. This has left a gap in the market that customers have asked us to fill.

Happily, we have been able to have special glass products manufactured in the UK.

Working from an excellent skills base supplemented with HTL expertise and experience, a group of manufacturers are producing glass to the high technical and quality standards required by HTL and its customers. HTL currently supply many tailored glass products including coloured glasses for signal purposes and toughened windows for flame and explosion proof fittings.

Within these general headings are several different products, mostly proprietary to the customer but the glass they are made from is either available commercially or is an HTL development.

Glass Melting Services

HTL have been involved with producing specialist glasses and components for many years but were unable to offer direct production. We now have access to a number of glass melting facilities that enable us to offer a complete service from the design of the glass or component through to the production of samples.

As an added service HTL can now offer small scale and pilot scale melting and production. We can also offer a route to full production if that is required.

If you have a particular requirement why not contact us on info@hendersontechnology.com to see if we can offer a solution. 

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