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The wealth of knowledge and experience within HTL has been gained over a number of years and from many different assignments.

The following list outlines the breadth of these skills by highlighting the type of work undertaken, and the standing of the client.

Unfortunately because of the sensitive nature of some of the work only general references can be made to it.

  • Technical
  • Technical assistance and supplier coaching project for IKEA (Poland)
  • Supplier quality assurance for Butters / M & S.
  • New product technical feasibility studies in DIY market.
  • Glass colouring studies for UK Container manufacturer.
  • Technical consultant to specialist glassworks producing industrial and commercial products in clear and coloured glass.
  • Technical consultancy and specialist glass sourcing for UK explosion proof fittings manufacturer.
  • Technical advisor to Tyne & Wear Development Corporation for National Glass Centre Development and subsequently to NGC Ltd.
  • Introduction & Development of coloured technical glasses for Scottish glass manufacturer in association with Scottish Enterprise Tayside.
  • Development of coloured glasses for lighting manufacturer.
  • Formulation and development of ultra low background radiation glasses for major photo-multiplier company.  Technology transfer and project management.
  • Quality improvement programme for Edinburgh Crystal.
  • Glass development and project management for Film & TV lighting company.
  • Management
  • Project management and glass formulation for UK specialist glass manufacturer, ongoing.
  • Project management and glass formulation for UK decorative flat/stained glass producer.
  • Project Leader Glass Industry Manufacturing Improvement Club (DTI).
  • Key element assessment and technical feasibility study for glass manufacture and lighting manufacturing line in Russia (EBRD).
  • Project leader recycling of float glass.
  • Project contributor End of Life Vehicle recycling studies (Glass).
  • Project contributor Biffaward Glass recycling data studies.
  • Project contributor Recycling of TV tubes under WEEE Directive.
  • Management & Technical competence assessment of Polish crystal factory for major bank.
  • Project management and technical development for Indian vacuum flask manufacturer.
  • Development of lead crystal business for existing glass manufacturer entering field for first time.
  • Due Diligence & Expert Opinion
  • Member of Gerson Lehman Consulting Panel for glass container industry.
  • Consultant to Industry Canada (Government Agency) on Owens-Illinois take over of Consumers Glass.
  • Due diligence work for W S Atkins on proposed container plant project in China.
  • Expert opinion to London solicitors on patent infringement case.
  • Expert witness in High Court to London solicitors / Swiss businessman relating to irradiation of glass.
  • Market Research & Authoring
  • Market research for cast acrylic manufacturer looking to enter glass market.
  • Author of Glass PackIt for UN International Trade Centre, published 2004.
  • Market research for major industrial lighting company on flat and toughened glass.
  • Market research for glass producer in association with Nemoquest (University of Glasgow).
  • Market research for international airfield lighting supplier, UK, USA, Europe, with special emphasis on emerging Eastern European nations.
  • Training
  • Technical training for UK test house.
  • Glass appreciation courses for OEM users
  • Glass a packing material for pharmaceutical audience

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