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HTL offers a range of consultancy services based on years of practical experience allied with professional training and continued professional development. This means we know our subject, have hands on experience in many areas and we keep up to date with industry technical and management developments.

Consultancy is led by John Henderson, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of hand, semi-automatic and automatic glass production. He has held senior management positions within the glass industry and worked with a considerable number of skilled people in his role as consultant. The field of expertise available to our clients is broadened considerably by the network of high quality associates with whom HTL has contact.

HTL has always been independent and will remain so as we believe that this gives our clients the greatest confidence in our ability to do a sound professional job without bias. We offer a broad value for money service but are perhaps currently better known for our work in the following areas:-

      • Technical assistance & troubleshooting
      • Glass formulation & reformulation
      • Melting, manufacture and end use
      • Manufacturing management
      • General management
      • Management of change
      • Strategic & policy management
      • Business development
      • Market & competition studies
      • Technical writing
      • Due diligence
      • Technology transfer

Our glass related activities cover design, manufacturing and end use in:-

      • Lighting
      • Scientific
      • Technical
      • Coloured
      • Domestic
      • Giftware
      • Container

Our management and strategic activities cut across sectorial barriers and are bringing significant benefits to many organisations. Facilitation, cross-fertilisation, and hard work have produced results in:

      • Glass Manufacture
      • Lighting
      • Environment & Recycling
      • Government Agencies
      • European Funding Bodies

Some of the larger projects undertaken are listed in the Experience section. Please take a look but if you do not see anything relevant to your own situation donít hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help.

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