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Thank you for visiting our web site. This is an exciting venture for Henderson Technology, one that will enable us to provide a further point of contact for customers and an information source for anyone making, using or just interested in glass.

Our aim is to provide information on what Henderson Technology can offer, how we might provide some benefits for your organisation and useful information on glass in its widest context whether your interest is professional or personal.

Henderson Technology Ltd. is a business founded on the basic principles of independence, professionalism and customer service. HTL is a company based on management and technical disciplines with a wide portfolio of interests; its origins, however, are based on glass and we are still interested in all things glass from glass technology & science through use of glass to the artistic and historical aspects of glass.
Headed by John Henderson, the MD, the company was started in 1992 as Henderson Associates offering independent management and consultancy services to glass manufacturers, glass users and associated businesses. Through customer demand these activities have expanded rapidly and moved beyond that initial glass base and in 2000 Henderson Technology Ltd. was created to better manage this growth.

HTL continue to offer independent consultancy in several management, production and technical disciplines but have broadened our services to include specialist glass sales, glass formulation & reformulation, small / pilot scale melting & production.

We are a commercial organisation and charge fees appropriate to each project, however, we are conscious of a wider perspective within the business and glass community so may be able to offer a word of advice here or a contact there in the appropriate context.

Take a look at our individual sections which provide more detail on our skills and experience and show how we provide benefits to our customers. Perhaps by working together we can realise solutions and benefits for you and your organisation.

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